InnMotion 2005

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Discipline and smooth

    6, 7, 8, 9 July, 20h-24h
    Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (CCCB)
    Capacity: 1000 persons / day

Pictures from the festival:



MY DADS STRIP CLUB (UK). Entertaiment for the troops. Cultural sabotage, conference.
XAVIER THEROS. ¡Que bello es vivir… bien!. Polypoetic talk
TAL DANCE (Turkey). Dolap. Dance. The task of transporting a fridge from one place to another
SOL PICÓ. Paella Mixta (excerpt). A comic dance escapade
URSULA MARTINEZ (UK). Show off Night club. Performance…or not.
BIG ART GROUP (USA) Flicker FRT: Film in Real Time
LIGNA (Germany).Radio ballett. Wave invasion
ERNA OMARSDOTTIR and JÓHANN JÓHANNSSON (Island). IBM 1401 – Manual del Usuario. Dance and machine music
REKOLONISATION (Germany). Dios es Nivea. Fusions
SKALEN (France). Xenit (excerpt). Dance, video and gravity
CAMILLE BOITEL and la asociación La mère Boitel (France). L’homme de Hus. Theatre of gestures, objects and imbalances
STUPID FEATS (Burgos). El acelerador de partículas. The ‘trial and error’ method
CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE (USA). Art and discipline. Talk
LOS CORDEROS. Crónica de José Agarrotado (menudo hijo de puta). Dance? Theatre? A no-exit date
100.000 RETINAS. Ratcatcher. Great film
TURISMO TACTICO. La ruta de l’anarquisme Tour.
DAVIS FREEMAN (UK) Too shy to stare (solo version). Solo para 1.
CANDIDA TV (Italy) Sopopia. Open-code TV soap
KLAAS Kuitenbrouwer (Netherlands). El oráculo de los objetos hallados. Qualitative responses
EDDIE EGAL (UK). El Ingenio Pironáutico. Elements in the buff
MECANIQUE VIVANTE (France). El Piano a Gallinas. Musical improvisation
A . P . T . C. Mariposas. With no beginning or end.
MARCEL.LÍ ANTUNEZ. Alfabeto. Emotional prosthesis
TELENOIKA. Video parasite festival.
This is no longer a visual and performing arts festival. This is a qualitative leap, a change of paradigm. A space in which to appropriate tools that transform the dominant imaginary, to subvert imposed beliefs and to apply a different morality. Performance theatre apply to reality. Performance theatre as a tool to transform society. For a genuinely active culture accessible to all (3€-5€ for 4 shows and 10 instalations). 4 days, 8 spaces, 28 companies.

Video of the festival:


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